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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Annual Visit

Jade is playing field hockey this year and because she needed to have a physical, I had to make a last minute appointment with the clinic. Luckily, they did have a doctor who could see her the same day I called, but it wasn't her usual doctor. That was ok, so we went on to see this new doctor, who it turned out was a young resident. She was very thorough, unlike the cursory exam we normally get from her usual pediatrician. This doctor covered every concern from head to toe. She even went into a long discussion about acne scars cream when asked about the pimple breakouts. But, I suppose that is a good thing. The thirty minute physical with the old doctor turned into an hour long consultation! At one point she even asked me to step out of the room so they can have a private 'talk'. You know what that means, they were talking about S-E-X only this time it's mom that's left out. Geesh!


Francesca said...

jmom, whew, musta, just visitng you and say hello and hope everyone are Okey.

BLOGHOP makes me stress free...
basta, bisous(kisses)

Ate Sienna said...

hmmmm.. a sex talk with the doctor.

TEKAAAAA!!!!! ilang taon na ba sya?!?!?!?

JMom said...

hi Francesca, salamat sa dalaw :) I have to come visit your blog soon. Miss ko na rin mga kwento mo, lola.

Ate Sienna!!!! miss na rin kita, girl :) Naku po, 15 years old na si Jade at si Asi 16. Kaya nga namumuti ang buhok ko eh :)