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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Another trip to the doctor

My turn for a doctor's appointment tomorrow and wouldn't you know it, I'm PMSing! Hopefully it will hold off until after noon. Hopefully, this doc won't be as long winded as my daughters doctor, the one who went on and on about acne treatments but never really addressed the specific problem we asked her about. Geesh!

Why I'm going to the doctor: well, it's that yearly time for torture plus I've been feeling really fatigued lately. I feel like a slacker most days because all the energy I have lately is just enough to get me in bed as soon as I get home. I feel guilty that my family has been exceeding their fast food quota lately and my husband has been doing more than his share of cleaning up and washing dishes. Anyway, I hope it's something simple that can be remedied quickly. We'll know tomorrow.

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