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Monday, September 15, 2008

Sad how some people never grow up...

It's been said that we never really get out of High School. In the case of this Wisconsin mom though, high school is not just a metaphor, she literally never got out of high school and even went as far as stealing her own daughter's identity to get back in high school. She said she never had the childhood she wished for so she wanted to go back and get her high school degree and also be a cheerleader.

She attended cheer leading camp prior to the start of the semester. They caught on to her after her check for the cheer leading uniform bounced and she didn't show up on the second day of school. So she essentially dropped out of school a second time.

If she gets convicted for the identity theft, she faces a few years of jail time and a large fine. BTW, identity she assumed? That of her 15 year old daughter who is in the custody of her grandmother in Nevada. So sad. This woman needs a lot of help.


Gina said...

People do strange and crazy things ano? This one is up there on the list. =(

Have a great week !

cchiovitti said...

That woman definately needs some professional help. How sad.