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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What Holiday?

I can't believe people are already thinking of Christmas. I received an email yesterday about a Christmas party reminding us to start signing up for committees and thinking of shopping lists and such. I had to do a double take and look at my calendar. Are they serious? And I thought it was bad when stores started pulling out Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving is even over. Geesh, I'm still wearing tank tops so I can't think of Christmas. I DON'T WANT TO think about Christmas.

But of course, advertisers won't let you forget. Ads are already coming in for sales on playstations, laptops, xbox 360, nintendo, psp and all those high ticket items that kids love but parents hate. Well, at least this parent does anyway. My girls are probably getting deprived somehow; they don't have any of that stuff. They don't seem to miss it and they don't seem to be any worst for being without it. So for the meantime, I'm pretending the holidays are still many months away. How about you? Are you getting ready or are you in denial?

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