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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Online Shopping


Over time I had gotten more comfortable with shopping online. I remember when online shopping first started, I was as skeptical as everyone else, not really trusting to buy products that I hadn't felt, seen or smelled myself. Tales of credit card fraud and unsavory merchants also didn't help make me too comfortable about giving out my credit card number and personal information. But, as I got more comfortable with the internet and heard better reviews about shopping safety online, I ventured more and more into online shopping. Now, I probably would miss it if it wasn't available to me anymore.

If you still have reservations about online shopping, you should check out buySAFE. BuySAFE is a shopping advisor of sorts, a tool that claims to make your online shopping safer and more secure. How do they do that?

When you sign up for buySAFE, you gain access to a 'Safe Shopping Portal' where your purchases can be protected thru thru bond guarantee, up to $25,000. Some people will tell you that when you shop online you pretty much take a risk. You never know who are legitimate vendors and who are the criminals unless you stick to the major stores and brands. With buySAFE, merchants in their network are all bonded so your purchases are guaranteed.

Check out their easy to use application that is easy to access as you do your online shopping.



Kaley said...

Impressed with 'Safe Shopping Portal'..! Really very useful for safe online shopping.

Iliana said...

I can't imagine myself without online shopping..! I am always looking for safe shopping advisory tool. This is really great..