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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Dare We Start Shopping?

Now that we've rested a while, I we're trying to muster up some energy to go out in the cold and hit the malls. We haven't really done any Christmas decorating nor bought any gifts for anyone. I've been procrastinating with the shopping and now here we are two weeks before Christmas and still nothing is prepared.

The Sears 3 Day Sale started on the fourth and today is the last day (Dec. 4-6). They have a bunch of decorations and gift items that I want to go look at. One is the GE Christmas lights set for $7.99. The lights we have are probably 2-3 years old and they just need to be replaced. I mentioned to the girls that Sears is also having a sale on artificial and already lighted Christmas trees but that didn't go over too well. They still want their real, live Christmas tree. So I guess we'll just buy new lights and maybe new decorations.

Every year, I try to buy a new ornament for each one of them. A couple of years ago, Sears had some Craftsman Christmas ornaments that were just so cute. All their tools in miniature. What could be cooler? This year though I may have to get the full sized ones for my husband. His hand tools are even older than our Christmas lights and they've been slowly conking out on him, one after the other.

Sears has a Craftsman 16-drawer tool storage combo that I think will be perfect for him to store all his tools in. I know he'll love that one but I'll have to see still how the budget is and depending also on which tool I get for him. I know he needs new drills and saws. During this 3-day sale, the Craftsman tool storage is 50% off so I'm hoping the tools are also as deeply discounted. Better get going!



Jet said...

You know how we wait for occasions like these to come so we could replace old stuff that we're still trying to make do with? It's like back in the Phils. when we'd buy things like new shoes because it's Christmas and it's the only time we can afford to do so. It's so naive and sweet, don't you think? Those were happy days, if only there was more appreciation that came into everything. :)

Jet said...

Oooppsss! I meant to say, '...if only because there was more appreciation that came into everything.'