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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Sadness

One of my office mates came by to talk. We talked about my grandma and my trip to California. We talked about what I missed here at the office while I was away (I just computed I took over 60 hours of vacation time within the last 30 days). I missed a lot judging by the pile that I am still clearing up on my desk.

Anyway, besides all the chitchat, she sadly shared with me that she too will be taking a few days to attend the funeral of a relative. The saddest thing is, it's a ten year old girl that died. At least my 86 year old grandmother had a full life and had a great many people who loved her and will remember her for a long time. The poor girl hadn't had her chance at life yet, and of the short one that she had, it was riddled with sickness. She died from Sickle Cell Anemia.

Children who suffer from congenital diseases like sickle cell, cerebral palsy, heart disease and others are the most heartbreaking stories to hear about.

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