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Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year Rituals

There are probably more rituals and superstitions associated with New Year than with any other holiday. The only ones I really follow are the food rituals and then not to a tee. I'm happy so long as we welcome the new year with lots of food. I'm then to believe we'll have plenty of it all year.

On the other hand, there are more superstitions our there that are followed religiously. My grandmother, I remember, would always open the doors, windows and rice containers to welcome in the new year and good luck. Others believe you should make as much noise as possible to ward off bad spirits. My grandmother also used to turn all the faucets on at the stroke of midnight to ensure that life will flow as easily as water. Did you also hear the one that says whatever it is that you're doing at midnight, you'd be doing it all year?

That's where the ritual of kissing the one you love at midnight comes from. So that all year you will have a loving and passionate relationship. That's also where the practice of staying up until after midnight comes from. If just follows, if you're asleep at midnight, you'll be sleeping the whole year away!

So do you have any rituals you follow?


Jet said...

Let's see... uhhmmm... having money in your pocket at the stroke of 12, eating 12 pieces of grapes before the stroke of 12, not serving chicken on new year's eve because luck will fly away... to mention a few... hahaha! Happy new year JMom! :)

Francesca said...

you wont believe it, being a JW, I dont believe anymore any superstitions , but last Dec 27, in my employer's house, her pine tree xmas tree was taken off by the shop seller, kasi finish na raw ang pasko!kelangan na ibasura yung pine tree, so dali dali ko tanggal ang mga decors, haha.

eh sa Pinas, until Jan 6 pa ang xmas decors, di ba?

sa France, Tapos na agad at Dec 26 haha.