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Monday, June 01, 2009

The Pressure Cooker Factor

Life has a way of interrupting blogging schedules and everything else. That's just what it did for the past week. Work schedule again got in the way of blogging. It was such a hectic week that I didn't even have time check emails! and I'm talking about work email, mind you. Never mind the hundreds that piled up in GMail and Yahoo!

I'm not complaining though. Well, not too much anyway. I actually enjoy having a hectic week once in a while. Pressure and sheer magnitude of the task actually made me more organized and efficient! What I would dawdle to do over a couple of days normally was accomplished in half a day! Yeah, I got it in me to accomplish large tasks, I knew that... I just wouldn't want to do it on a daily basis :)

Let's see, besides being my busiest week at work, my daughter also went to a two day seminar one town over last memorial day weekend. She also ended up having to get new eyeglasses which put a big ole $300 hole in my pocket. Not to mention that it's end of the year and it's finals time for the girls and my baby is graduating elementary school.

I seems like I just dropped her off at kindergarten!

All through that, wouldn't you know it, I was about a hundred bucks under budget because my insurance decided to take last pay period as a payment make up for a calculation mistake on their part! I was almost ready to take on some health insurance leads that were volunteered to me when I was griping about the cost of my health insurance. And oh yeah, that $300 hole? That's also because my health insurance does not include vision care so eye glasses are out of pocket! Now if that doesn't make you want to blow off some steam, eh?

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