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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Google Ban Scare

For us who blog on Google, there was a bit of a scare last week when some received a notice saying their blog was blocked or banned. I first heard about the mess from Brent, the owner of McLinky the blog hopping widget which I use on my blog. Apparently, they thought that McLinky had somehow violated Google terms because of the sudden spike to their site. Thus, Google banned McLinky and everyone displaying the McLinky code especially those hosted on Blogger which is owned by Google.

Brent sent one email after the other to his users, which I thought was nice of him to keep everyone informed (but some people took offense to the multiple emails), in a panic, he even requested for a defibrillator. LOL! I'm sure some of his customers with AED certification would have been more than happy to comply. Fortunately, it was all some kind of big misunderstanding. Apparently, it was Google who was under attack, by hackers and their ilk, and it has all been straightened out now and all is well in the blogsphere again.

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