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Monday, September 28, 2009

A Video Review of Kid Flossers

My girls are now teenagers but they are still kids at heart. They watch cartoons on the weekends and jump at the mention of ice cream. They like their cereal sweet and they like everything else colorful. So when we received a pack of these DenTek kids floss, they were all over it. Wanted to use it, they wanted to play with it. Finally, they settled down long enough to tell me what they really thought of these flossers.

Here's what my 16 year old thought in our first video review.

The verdict is, that they are pretty but for serious cleaning, these flossers do a kid's job. They all admit though that they are convenient to have in their purses and backpacks for quick clean ups during the day. I agree with their assessment.

If you have little kids though, these are a great way to introduce them to the habit of flossing. They are colorful enough and the handles are easy for little hands to grip.

Disclosure: Free samples of the flossers were received and we were compensated for this review

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