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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Are you sleeping with the enemy?

I love pilows! My bed does not have just two pillows, it has ten! Yes, believe me, ten pillows on it. Five for each side. Why?

See, when you love to read as much as I do, you want to be as comfortable as possible when you're laying in bed with a good book. That's why I love my pilows! Some of them I've had for over ten years and they are my favorites! What I never realized is, how disgusting they could be or probably already are! Watch the segment below and see what I mean.

Scary, isn't it? My husband is borderline germophobe so he makes sure that our beddings are washed every week. When he does the washing, he also sprays the bare pillows and mattresses thoroughly with Lysol antibacterial spray. I'm hoping these measures that he has been taking has taken care of some of the problems mentioned in the video. I am still a bit wary though because our pillows are so old! As mentioned in the video, the older the pillows are, the more susceptible they are housing all the nasty things mentioned like dust mites, their droppings, fungus, mold and bacteria.

It got me thinking that maybe it's time to get some new pillows. There are new products in the market like the allergy pillow offered by Healthy Dreams. They are made with the Micrenza bio-filter which effectively keeps out the germs, mold and allergens from settling in to your pillows. They cost a bit more than the average good quality pillow but if it keeps you from breathing in harmful particles that can compromise your health, why not splurge? And if you consider the fact that a good quality pillow can usually last at least a couple of years or longer, that's a pretty good investment.

A great thing about these Healthy Dreams pillows is that they have 10-Year Warranty and a 60-Day Unconditional Return Privilege. If you've been considering changing out your pillows, these Healthy Dreams pillows are worth considering. Stop sleeping with the enemies, sleep healthy instead.

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