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Friday, October 15, 2010

A Fall Garden?

What are you planting this fall? Have you started your fall garden yet? We haven't. We're still in the midst of ending our summer garden as we harvest the rest of the tomatoes, squashes, peppers, beans and okras. Normally we would have already cleared a bed and planted some greens but this year my husband wants to re-do our back yard. He's removing a couple of the beds and moving them towards the back so that he can create a work area for himself. So we've been doing a bit of green shopping lately, finding materials suitable for our garden renovation.

In the meantime, here's what's languishing in our backyard. They're biodegradable pens and they're supposed to degrade and be absorbed back into the soil. We participated to review these green pens and have agreed to monitor their degredation rate. So far, not much has happened since we put them out a couple of months ago. But then, it's been a bit dry in our area. Maybe as we get more rain and they get more covered with dirt they will disintegrate faster.

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