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Friday, October 15, 2010

Here too soon

The BER months are here and the holidays are off. I can't believe some people are already talking Christmas! I refuse to even think about Christmas yet. I don't care how many sales are going on to encourage you to start shopping early, I am not falling for it. I don't want to see any Wii's, iPods, iPads or xbox kinect ads just yet. I want to enjoy the season that we're in right now before I start thinking about Christmas.

Yesterday we had Oktoberfest celebration here at work. Of course, BEER was involved! Lots of it :) Some people started drinking at 3 and went on until quitting time. lol! Not me though. I had to pick up my daughter after work so I can't very well be drunk when I drive up to her school, now can I? So I took a couple of bottles of beer home instead and I plan on making some beer batter fish and chips for dinner tonight. I think I like that alternative better. Don't you?

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