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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Green Tea and an Apple

Wednesdays have gotten bad for me because of the Food Quote meme. Friends start tagging me on their food photos on facebook and before you know it, I'm salivating and my stomach is grumbling. BTW, this is also about the same time that the damned donut ad pops up on the sidebar! It's a conspiracy against dieters, I tell you! If I knew of any diet pills that work, I could be a very happy person indeed. BUT, life is not fair, is it? So I drool over food photos and my stomach can jump up and down all it wants. All I have for it today is green tea and an apple. So mean, ha?

So what are you having for breakfast? Yeah, yeah, I know it's almost noon.... but I'm still working on breakast, alright? :)

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