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Thursday, December 02, 2010

12 Lesser Known Shopping Sites with Great Deals

I received this via email and thought I would share it here since it's that time again when most of us are trying to find just the right deals for Christmas. We'd love to be able to get everything on everyone's wishlist, but of course it would help a lot if we can ge those things without breaking the bank, so to speak. So here are a few websites that offer some pretty amazing deals that you may not have heard of.

1. Baby Steals sells a limited number of baby or maternity items daily at 50-80 percent off the retail price until it's gone.

2. Mamabargains offers two to 10 deals a day on products geared toward parents and kids ages birth to 10.

3. thredUP is a kids clothing swap site where you can trade boxes of outgrown sizes for what your kids need now.

4. This Frugal Life offers tutorials on how to take advantage of coupons and also has freebies and discounts on various items your family can use.

5. Shopping Nanny will help you find deals and add them to your grocery store's loyalty discount card. The site charges an annual fee so I don't know how much of a deal this really is.

6. Dealicious Finds offers national grocery store coupon matchups, online shopping deals, and video tutorials. A testimonial claims a reduction of a $207 grocery bill down to $2.50. Sound good to you? It does to me.

7. Your Green Helper features cost-effective, eco-friendly deals, steals, tips, coupons, samples, and reviews on organic and all-natural items.

8. Grocio makes your coupon search and cutting even easier. Just give them your list and they will find the deals for you.

9. Moms Who Save lists coupon codes and deals, printable grocery coupons, freebies, and low-cost family activities. Tips from other moms who may be looking for the same things as you come in quite handy.

10. A network of frugal bloggers share their knowledge of how to live inexpensively. Get deals on clothing, entertainment, groceries, dining, travel, and more.

11. Southern Savers dissects the art of sales cycles, add-on coupons, and organizational methods, while offering frugal menu plans, coupons, and alerts about freebies, samples, and in-store deals.

12. Kidzola is a site where you can buy and sell anything and everything for kids -- new, handmade, or used.

I apologize in advance to whoever compiled this list. Since it was emailed to me, the original source was not noted and I haven't had much luck finding it by searching for "12 Lesser Known Shopping Sites with Great Deals" online without running into a bunch of ads for colon cleanser and the like. Anyway, I hope it helps you. I'm checking some of them myself.

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