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Monday, February 15, 2010


We've had three snow events in Durham since December and for us, that is unusual. We've had years when we didn't see one speck of snow flake! There there was that one year, almost ten years ago when we had 3 feet fall on us overnight. This year though, we're having an almost typical winter weather with lots of rain and gray skies and some snow fall.

I love to watch snow falling! I love how it blankets everything with its whiteness and makes it all pretty. I don't like having to go out and drive through it though. Thank goodness the whole city shuts down everytime we have a little bit of snow. Another reason I don't like snow is when it gets so darn cold my eczema flares up. I hate itching!

Overall though, I enjoy the change in seasons. I'm just glad that winter is the shortest season. It sure feels really long though.

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